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I love making radio programmes. You can reach a bigger audience on TV, of course, but the beauty of Radio 4 is that it allows you to explore a subject in much greater depth and complexity.

I have been a guest on lots of different shows, from Quote, Unquote to Great Lives, and have also been a regular critic on Saturday Review. I have also made several programmes of my own, usually on historical themes. The most notable was a 15-part history of the Post Office, which I made with Joby Waldman of Somethin' Else. It ran over three weeks, was released as an audiobook and probably got better feedback than anything else I've ever done.

Here's a selection of some recent programmes, many of which are still available online:

Archive on 4: The Eccentric Entrepreneur, 2014

Learning to Listen, 2014

Archive on 4: Tuning In, 2013

The People's Post, 2011

Archive on 4: Mind Your PMQs, 2011

Slapdash Britain, 2010

Archive on 4: The Anniversary Anniversary, 2009

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