Das Auto

Dominic Sandbrook


Das Auto was part of BBC2’s German season, which ran in the summer of 2013. The idea was to tell the parallel stories of the British and German car industries since the war, and to use this as a way of exploring the wider economic differences between Britain and Germany. It was quite tricky to get the right balance between history and current affairs, but it was enormous fun to make. We got to film in the great BMW and Volkswagen car temples in Munich and Wolfsburg, as well as the Mini factory in Cowley. For a few seconds I got to drive a vintage Beetle around the giant Wolfsburg factory where it was made. Then I hit a pillar, the car fell apart, and Anglo-German relations took a turn for the worse.

The producer was Fatima Salaria and the assistant producer was Zoe Jewell, both of whom also worked on The 70s. The cameraman was Neil Harvey, and the executive producer was Lucy Hetherington.

Photograph by Neil Harvey

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