Regular visitors to this website, if such people exist, will have noted that I am doing a pretty poor job of updating it. I have been working on my next book, the fifth in my series on Britain since Suez, which will cover the first half of the 1980s. I have done most of the research now, and I plan to finish before the end of 2016.

In other news, I have been filming a new series for BBC2 about the history of science fiction. This isn’t quite the same series as the much-publicised BBC America series which will go out in the United States. They were made simultaneously, using the same or similar clips and interview footage. But our episodes are 15 minutes longer and there’s a much more historical angle, as well as more specifically British stuff and more about literature.

I’ll start work on my next TV project later the summer. (It would be inconceivable to film during the World Cup, obviously.) This is another four-parter for BBC2, exploring British popular culture since the Second World War. I’m writing a book to go with it, to be published by Penguin when the series is broadcast, presumably some time in 2015.

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